Postcards from Lowell - A Tilt Shifted Short
Filmed with a Canon 60D & 18-135mm kit lens
"Un Bacio A Mezzanotte" - Quartetto Cetra
"Congratulations" - Composed George Whitefield Chadwick Played by Phillip Sear -

AquaJack - Jack's swimming lessons at the Groton School.

SuperCut - The Queen Wagon Family Truckster - One of my favorite to edit!

SuperCut - Homage to Steve Zissou - and by proxy, Wes Anderson.

SuperCut - Arrested Development - Season 1 GOB tribute

SuperCut - Jack Burton - One of my favorite characters in one of my favorite movies!

Patriots vs. Jets - Visual continuity editing exercise - Each play is composed of several replays.The NFL owns these clips.

Canon 50mm "Nifty Fifty" Focal Length Test

First Ever Timelapse - shot on an iPad and a specialized wide angle lense.